Therapy For Adolescent and Young Adults

A time of profound inner transformation

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time of critical transformation that sets the stage defining our sense of who we are in this world. It is during this time, that we each, as individuals, develop our own unique inner worlds and our relationship to ourselves. As our inner world matures and becomes recognisable to ourselves, it is often at a mismatch to our external world of our relationships with our parents, carers, family, colleagues, and friends. The greater the disparity of these two worlds; the greater the struggle can be for the adolescent or young adult. 


The period between the ages of 16-30 years can be a time of intense emotion, of startling changes, of growth and of many passionate feelings. All this a normal rite of passage which can be navigated safely and with less stress with the help of psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults can support issues of depression, anxiety, drug use, addiction, relationship issues, sexuality and gender issues, self esteem challenges, problems with concentration and anti-social behaviours including  aggression. 

The aim of adolescent psychotherapy is to lead the adolescent and young adult into their adult life with strong and solid respect and esteem for the themselves and others in their world.

ONLINE THERAPY optional during COVID19.