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“Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” 


Rochelle Oshlack

Gestalt Therapist

“Gestalt is, above all, about the whole: smells, tastes, intuitions, the surrounding environment, the historical context, the planetary hologram. And all of these coexist like an excellent poem wherein the artistry is never fully discovered, yet all the symbols and words, and cadences and shapes, interweave in a tapestry vibrating with life and tragedy and humour.”

Petruska Clarkson

Supporting You on the Path of Self Healing

Beyond Therapy offers deeply compassionate therapeutic support for both adults and adolescents in dealing with addictions, anxiety, depression, sexuality and gender issues, grief, loss, trauma, relationship issues, divorce, separation, parenting challenges, life changes and attachment issues.

Rochelle has a Graduate Certificate in Gestalt therapy and Advanced Clinical Training in Contemporary Gestalt therapy including Trauma Informed approaches.  Rochelle also has over two decades of dedicated self-development work with the Diamond Approach and Path Retreats.

"I personally understand what it feels like when life appears extremely difficult. It is both from my own direct experiences and my training that I have witnessed Gestalt therapy and Trauma therapy successfully facilitate an individual out of suffering and into a more rewarding and authentic life.  A life imbued with personal essence, pure innocence and fulfilling connections. I am passionate about supporting and resourcing individuals to develop their own resilient spirits, leading to healthier relationships and more choice through greater self awareness.

I have the tools and professional experience to facilitate your healing journey with clarity,  joy and compassion."


"Raise your awareness and share your uniqueness to the world."

Amit Ray

About Gestalt Therapy

Our approach honours the client and therapist 

relationship, understanding it as a pathway of personal healing.

We embrace your unique humanity and draw awareness to how you relate to your world. Our method is neither prescriptive or interpretative, the focus is kept in the present, in the here and now. Together we pay loving attention to what happens in our shared interchange. This is often playful and always compassionate. By drawing awareness to our behaviours; more choice results. From choice, comes long lasting positive change and deeper, more satisfying relationships with yourself, your loved ones, family, 

friends, colleagues and the world at large. 

​Relational Gestalt therapy is exciting, vibrant and creative, resulting in an increased sense of belonging and freedom.

Therapy sessions are by appointment and are 60 minutes long. In your first appointment, I will ask you what are you personally hoping to gain from therapy. Together we can discuss a plan to suit your individual needs.

Session fee:  $100 per one hour session

By appointment at
The Relational Institute
3/166 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060


Tel: 0431 474 899